Change The Pallet Announces First Company to be 100% Committed to Corrugated Pallets

Kansas City-Based Info-Data Services Becomes First Company in the U.S. to Commit to Never Using Wood Pallets as a Centerpiece of its Sustainability Efforts

Portland, Oregon, November 15, 2016 – Change the Pallet ( is thrilled to announce that Info-Data Services ( is the first company in the United States to be certified by the non-profit to be “Wood Pallet Free.” 

While many U.S. companies, hospitals, colleges, and cities have made commitments to more sustainable practices, the vast majority of U.S. shipments are still made on heavy wood pallets, which fail to maximize fuel economy, fail to maximize truckbed volume, and fail to prevent worker injuries. Conversely, lighter cardboard pallets are safer and more sustainable for the following reasons: 

1. Cardboard pallets weigh 80% less than wood pallets. With over 2 billion wood pallets in circulation in the United States, an 80% reduction in weight would significantly decrease fuel consumption and carbon emissions. 
2. Unlike wood pallets, cardboard pallets can be shaped to fit any product specification. This means entities can load trucks more efficiently and decrease the amount of trucks needed to haul the same amount of product, reducing their carbon footprint and saving money. 
3. Cardboard pallets are 100% recyclable, saving the recipient time and money. 
4. Wood pallets cause injuries that are costly to the individual, and their companies. 
5. Wood pallets aren’t sterile. Many are treated with toxic chemicals and/or have contaminants on them from previous shipments. This poses potential health risks to consumers.

“Info-Data Services (IDS) deserves global attention and applause for its visionary decision to ban wood pallets from its business," says Adam Pener, Executive Director of Change the Pallet. “Much like someone was the first person to put out a recycling barrel in the 1970’s, IDS is the first U.S. company to stand up and yell: ‘No More Wood Pallets.’ We look forward to certifying the first city, U.S government agency, state, college or university, hospital and many more as 'Wood Pallet Free.'”

Nick Abernathy, Owner and President of IDS says: “Someday wood pallets will be banned for deliveries to all U.S. hospitals and college campuses. We’re proud to be proving that it makes for smart business too.” Info-Data Services is a national scanning and data management company.

About Change the Pallet

Change the Pallet is a project of The Forward Edge Initiative, an Oregon-based nonprofit. It educates and advocates for a national shift from wood to corrugated pallets, with the goal of protecting American workers, eliminating millions of shipping pounds, reducing carbon emissions massively, and saving consumers and taxpayers billions of dollars. Change the Pallet recently made gloabal news when the World Bank's prestigious Connect4Climate named it a “Knowledgeable Partner,” and published an article titled "Change Pallets for Climate Change" (

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