IKEA Case Study

In 2012, IKEA directed its more than 1000 global suppliers – spanning 51 countries – to begin shipping to their distribution centers on cardboard pallets. Since then, IKEA has reported:

  • An annual savings of more than $200 million on shipping costs alone.
  • A 15% increase in truck efficiency – meaning 15% fewer trucks necessary to ship the same amount of product.

  • 75,000 fewer metric tons of CO2e produced per year.


IKEA Testimony

Portland IKEA store manager, Alessandra Zini testified on behalf of Change the Pallet before the Oregon House Economic and Transportation Committee in February, 2016 in support of Oregon House Bill 4089. Her testimony provided an up-close account of how IKEA’s change to cardboard pallets created significant gains in efficiency, space, and profitability, as well as contributing to fewer worker injuries.