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Seeking to Reduce Carbon Emissions, Haverford College Switches to Recyclable Paper Shipping Pallets

Change is hard. Really hard. When your goal is to modernize a national product transportation system that includes deeply entrenched business interests and operational systems in retail, grocery, the military industrial complex, trucking – and a national wood pallet lobby intent on protecting its $10 billion annual bounty – the phrase "change is hard" takes on different meaning.

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Global Leader ICLEI Publishes Change the Pallet Article

Change the Pallet is honored to be a guest author for ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability. Before we get into why this is so significant, a little background: ICLEI is a membership association of local governments worldwide that are committed to climate, sustainability, and energy actions. Their work is extremely important in connecting leaders to share solutions and accelerate game-changing sustainability and carbon-reduction programs. When ICLEI talks, local governments listen.

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