Launch Release: Change the Pallet

Portland, OR – As world leaders struggle in Paris to find solutions to ever-rising global CO2 emissions, a national grassroots campaign was launched today with the aim of reducing U.S. CO2 emissions by hundreds of millions of metric tons by 2025.  In addition to raising awareness to the massive environmental, social and financial costs of wood pallets, the Change the Pallet campaign ( brings together all Americans in this populist movement to modernize the transportation of goods and products. 

The EPA has reported that 31% of U.S. CO2 emissions are from the transportation sector, and there is universal agreement that CO2e is fueling a world that continues to get hotter. There is a simple and cost-effective way to dramatically reduce one of the largest contributors to CO2 emissions in the U.S.: replace wood pallets with recyclable corrugated paper pallets.  

Wood pallets are the current industry standard with an estimated two billion in circulation in the U.S. alone, and some 400 million new ones entering the U.S. market each year. Heavy, inefficient, and dangerous, most wood pallets also end up in the landfill, contributing yet more greenhouse gasses. Conversely, corrugated pallets are lightweight, recyclable and reduce the number of trucks required to ship the same amount of product. Amazingly, however, most US retailers refuse to accept shipments on these environmentally-safer pallets.

In 2012, the Swedish firm IKEA® became the first global company to Change the Pallet with resounding success. Within two years of changing its global supply chain from wood to corrugated paper pallets, including more than 1000 suppliers in 51 countries, IKEA® reported that CO2 emissions per cubic meter of transported product had been reduced by 10.5%. IKEA® has saved an estimated $1 Billion since implementation and reduced its CO2 emission by 300,000 metric tons.

“The IKEA® precedent demonstrates conclusively that CO2 emissions can be reduced to the financial benefit of U.S. companies and taxpayers,” said Adam Pener, member of the Change the Pallet board of directors.  “I’m confident that I speak for most Americans in urging industry leaders and elected officials to take action to ensure that U.S. companies have the right to choose highly sustainable corrugated pallets for their truck shipments.”


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Change the Pallet, is a non-profit advocacy campaign dedicated to
reducing carbon emission by encouraging governments, corporations,
and organizations to embrace free market carbon solutions.  
IKEA® is a registered trademark of IKEA Systems B.V. which is not affiliated with Change the Pallet. Nothing herein shall be viewed as an endorsement of Change the Pallet by IKEA®.