Going Green Saves Corporation Millions

Pallet Swap Proved a Game Changer in Fighting Climate Change and Saving Money

Portland, OR – A new campaign, Change the Pallet, has released a report revealing how IKEA® made an easy supply chain switch that cut carbon emissions dramatically AND saved the corporation hundreds of millions of dollars over the last three years. Switching from conventional wood pallets to modern corrugated cardboard pallets was the simple change that made the dramatic difference. American companies are now being encouraged to make this simple, free-market change.

It is rare that a green technology emerges that not only protects the environment, but also reduces costs. Almost all implementation of green tech requires sacrifices (e.g., government subsidies, taxes on emissions, etc.), but corrugated pallets transcend this entry barrier. Not only does this technology utilize 100% recyclable material, but corrugated pallets yield larger storage capacity in each truck, leading to fewer trucks on the road. Fewer trucks create unequivocal positive results that benefit all Americans: reduced costs, reduced carbon emissions, fewer accidents, less wear and tear on roads, and less traffic. It’s time American businesses implement innovation, not fall victim to inertia. If they fail to do so, it’s time for policy makers to act rather than simply paying lip service to climate control.    

“The IKEA® precedent demonstrates conclusively that corrugated cardboard pallets work, and create measurable, large-scale environmental and financial benefits to U.S. companies, states and taxpayers,” said Adam Pener, member of the Change the Pallet board of directors.  “Americans should urge industry leaders and elected officials to take action to ensure that U.S. companies choose highly sustainable corrugated pallets for their truck and air shipments.”


To schedule an interview with Adam Pener, please contact Andrew Shirley with Shirley & Banister Public Affairs at (703) 739-5920 or   Ashirley@sbpublicaffairs.com.


Change the Pallet, is a non-profit advocacy dedicated to reducing carbon emission by encouraging governments, corporations, and organizations to embrace free market carbon solutions. 


IKEA® is a registered trademark of IKEA Systems B.V., which is not affiliated with Change the Pallet. Nothing herein shall be viewed as an endorsement of Change the Pallet by IKEA®.