Change the Pallet Update: August 2015

I’m pleased to report that — less than two months since launching Change the Pallet | Change the Planet — the substantive response from industry, university and public leaders has exceeded all expectations.

The credit goes to everyone that has supported the campaign, made introductions or worked on its behalf, provided greatly valued counsel and ideas, and/or posted content on list serves, liked, followed, tweeted, posted or otherwise helped spread the word.  Our thanks to all of you.

CTP is especially grateful to the City of Denver Sustainability Office for the support via its Facebook page, and the re-tweet by University of Minnesota sustainability.  Greatly appreciated!! This is Vol. 1 of the CTP newsletter. Going forward, you’ll receive monthly updates unless events merit a bulletin.  You can also get the latest via our blog here.

The 2-minute video at the center of our campaign is now available on the landing and home pages of our site, and on YouTube (here).  It’s worth the watch. 

Call to Action: CTP has submitted an opinion editorial to The Oregonian. Greatly appreciate you taking a few moments to e-mail Erik Lukens in support of publication at

With more than 2 billion wood pallets in circulation in the U.S. — the majority of which end up in landfills — almost every U.S. company, school and university, government agency, airport, etc. deals with pallets. Change begins with the sharing of information, so please spread the word to your social networks!

In that connection, an example of the power of sharing: an old friend forwarded our launch announcements to a few friends.  A dialogue began with a leading food manufacturer that is now evaluating a requirement that its packaging provider ship to this company on corrugated pallets.  

In today’s world, there are so many initiatives vying for time and attention. We greatly respect yours, and value your interest and support in our efforts to reduce CO2e by millions of metric tons. If at any time you’d prefer to opt-out of the CTP e-mail updates, you can easily do so by clicking the link at the bottom of this newsletter.

With many thanks to everyone that’s made this possible. 

Adam Pener
Executive Director
Change the Pallet