Change the Pallet Publicly Releases California Air Resources Board Case Study

Earlier this year, we were honored to present a comprehensive case for changing the pallet to senior officials at the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and California Department of Transportation (CDOT). Our report demonstrates empirically how California can save tens of millions of dollars each year, and reduce truck traffic by 10-20%. We've decided to release our CARB report publicly because it presents a cost-effective model to reduce greenhouse emissions that is relevant to officials in all states and cities.

California has received a lot of attention for its aggressive stance on climate change. But as The LA Times reported in a March 2017 article by Liam Dillon, California's plan to put millions of electric cars on the road and increase solar and other renewables isn't enough.  According to Mr. Dillon: "the amount of pollution emitted from cars and trucks will still be too high to meet the state's [2030] environmental targets." Put simply, Californians need to drive less.

Getting people to fundamentally change their driving habits is perhaps the biggest challenge to reducing greenhouse gases. Conversely, California's officials can direct vendors to ship on lightweight, corrugated pallets; a change that has been proven by IKEA to reduce truck requirements by 20 percent or more. California may or may not place millions of electric cars on the road and reach its aggressive renewables targets by 2030, but changing the pallet can reduce emissions massively in the here and now.