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Wooden Pallets are Killing People. Yes, Killing People.

At Change the Pallet, we have always advocated on behalf of corrugated shipping pallets for their ability to reduce traffic, carbon emissions, and worker injuries. But it is this last item, we have noticed, which most commonly tends to raise eyebrows. After all, many have wondered, how significant can wood pallet-related injuries really be? As it turns out, they are quite significant. 

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Who Eradicated GM's Truly Landfill-Free Initiative?

In our last post, we wrote about how Ford touts its U.S. facilities to be "zero waste" despite allowing suppliers to ship on wood pallets that cause added emissions and must be trucked away. We pointed out that if Ford used its purchasing power to direct suppliers to ship to their plants on recyclable, corrugated pallets, this would result in significant fuel savings and carbon emissions reductions.

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