Our Mission

To reduce carbon emissions. Massively.

Our Story

Two words lie at the heart of the Change the Pallet campaign: Why Not? This phrase embodies a simple philosophy that has driven so much that is great about our country. Naysayers scoffed at the Wright Brothers when they said why not fly, at John F. Kennedy when he said why not land on the moon, and at a young entrepreneur who said why not make personal computers available to everyone. Indeed, the U.S. was founded on this question – why not live free of tyranny?

Our story is a simple one. We couldn’t understand why U.S. companies are not free to choose what pallet to ship on. And so we asked why not? The answer surprised us, especially since IKEA® had proven the economic, sustainability and operational models on a global basis. And so we asked: if IKEA® can implement corrugated paper pallets across their worldwide supply chain (notably including 1000+ suppliers in 51 countries), why not U.S. companies?

Change the Pallet was launched when we posed that question to all 50 U.S. Governors and Treasurers in May, 2015. You can read the White Paper we sent here. The priority goal of Change the Pallet is to open the U.S. market to a “green technology” that has the power to reduce CO2e by hundreds of millions of metric tons by transporting more product on fewer trucks and planes. 

On June 10th, 2015, Change the Pallet transformed from our story to yours. From a story of why not, to one of meaningful change and empirical CO2 emissions reductions led by all Americans.

It became the story of how the American people said why not to their elected officials, employers, universities, airports and leading corporations. Why not do what IKEA® did? Why not allow shipments on corrugated pallets? Why not put more product on fewer trucks? Why not reduce traffic, and infrastructure costs? Why not reduce CO2e by hundreds of millions of metric tons – all while saving companies, and all of us, billions of dollars? 

Why not is a powerful question. Why not ask it?

Our History

MAY 2015


FALL 2015

  • Began advocacy efforts in Washington, D.C. and Salem, OR.
  • Began working with Oregon State Representative Julie Parrish on what was to become Oregon House Bill 4089 (HB 4089).

December 2015


  • Change the Pallet worked with members of the Oregon House on HB 4089.


  • Executive Director Adam Pener invited to brief officials at the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), and the Pentagon on behalf of Change the Pallet.
  • Oregon HB 4089 introduced, receiving strong bi-partisan support from 36 cosponsors in the House.
  • New Change the Pallet video released, receiving over 18k views and bringing significant attention to Change the Pallet and Oregon HB 4089.


  • Hearings take place in the Oregon House for HB 4089.
  • Alessandra Zini, IKEA Portland Store Manager gives her testimony in support of Oregon HB 4089.
  • Wood pallet lobby sends 8 lobbyists to Oregon in an attempt to kill HB 4089.
  • Oregon Governor Kate Brown directs Oregon Department of Corrections to begin a pilot program using cardboard pallets.

March 2016

  • Change the Pallet writes over 300 U.S. Universities and Colleges, advocating for the use of cardboard pallets on their campuses.
  • Executive Director Adam Pener visits the White House to give a presentation to Christine Harada, the Federal Chief Sustainability Officer.

November 2016

  • Change the Pallet certifies first company to be wood pallet free.

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.
— Dr. Seuss, The Lorax