Who We Are

Change the Pallet is a nonprofit dedicated to educating and advocating with respect to lightweight, recyclable corrugated cardboard shipping pallets to reduce waste, carbon emissions, and worker injuries.

We have received national recognition in raising awareness to this game-changing technology since our launch in 2015.


"Shipping on wooden pallets is the norm, but those can be heavy and end up reducing transportation fuel efficiency, leading to increased pollution. Change the Pallet is doing just that, changing the pallet game and reducing those unnecessary emissions!"

— Denver Office of Sustainability



Our vision is a U.S. market that is open to lightweight, recyclable corrugated pallets.


Our mission is to reduce carbon emissions. Massively. In pursuit of our mission, we aim to increase awareness about the availability and effectiveness of cardboard pallets and their many environmental benefits. This includes shining a light on prohibitive retailer policies that effectively close the market to a technology proven to reduce emissions, waste and worker injuries, as well as assisting all interested parties in overcoming these policies.


Our nonprofit status reflects our commitment to the public good, not the bottom line. Change the Pallet does not produce corrugated pallets, or promote any given product or producer. Rather, we advocate on behalf of cardboard pallet technology in general, for its proven ability to reduce carbon emissions, waste, and worker injuries. Change the Pallet is the lead initiative of Oregon-based Forward Edge Initiative, a 501(c)(3) social justice advocacy. 



Our partners are a humbling reminder of the importance of our work. Leading sustainability voices have attached their names and sterling reputations to our efforts.

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Our initiatives have placed us in front of city, state, and federal representatives, public and private sector sustainability leaders, numerous environmental agencies and organizations, as well as college and university presidents, administrators, and campus environmental groups. Currently, we are focused on our national university campaign calling on suppliers (e.g., Office Depot, Nike, Dell, Apple, Kimberly Clark, etc.) and Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs) to ship to campuses on recyclable, corrugated pallets. No matter the initiative, our goal remains constant: triggering systemic change.


Our promise is to work with integrity and passion to create positive, systemic change and reduce carbon emissions massively.


The problem. The solution. All in this two minute video.