Press Releases


Haverford College First U.S. College or University to Change the Pallet

Taking an innovative approach to reduce carbon emissions and save money

June 27, 2017


ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability USA Lays Down a Marker for City Leadership with Nonprofit Change the Pallet

Cardboard shipping pallets could play a major role in helping cities meet their carbon reduction targets. 

April 27, 2017


Change the Pallet Congratulates IKEA® on 5-Year Anniversary of Globally Changing the Pallet

Global Retail and Sustainability Leader Long Ago Proved It – When Will U.S. Retailers and Grocers Catch Up? 

January 24, 2017


Change the Pallet Publicly Releases White House Presentation

Non-Profit’s Presentation Documents National Opportunity to Save Billions of Dollars and Reduce Carbon Emissions by Millions of Metric Tons

January 10, 2017


Announcing the First Company to Be 100% Committed to Corrugate Pallets

Kansas City-Based Info-Data Services Becomes First Company in the U.S. to Commit to Never Using Wood Pallets as a Centerpiece of its Sustainability Efforts

November 14, 2016



Governor Kate Brown directs Oregon Department of Corrections to begin a pilot aimed at saving the state money, increasing worker safety, and reducing CO2 emissions

February 12, 2016